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XDEEP ZEOS COLOR EDITION with classic alumium 3mm backplate

RM 2,880.00

Perfect ZEOS wing This set comprises of a perfect ZEOS wing – the Product of the Year

ZEOS wing is a two-shell wing made of the best materials from the USA and Germany,and a super-resistant Cordura 1100 dTEX on the outer shell.

The geometry of the ZEOS wing makes it a lot easier for the diver to reach the ideal, horizontal position and makes the whole set very comfortable and easy to use.

You can decide if you prefer the heavier backplate made of acid-proof steel to the light aluminium backplate in order to have a suitable weight, if you travel frequently.

Choose the optimal buoyancy When you order a set, you can choose from two wing models which differ in their buoyancy: ZEOS 28 model (13 kg) and ZEOS 38 model (17 kg).

The ZEOS 38 model is an ideal solution for most of the scuba divers since it has a very streamlined wing and a 17 kg of buoyancy which provides significant reserve.

The ZEOS 28 model is perfect for slightly-built people, especially women who do not need such considerable buoyancy.

Unique 3D Mesh neutral buoyancy pads
The 3D Mesh pads provides perfect comfort regardless of the depth.

In contrast with pads made from foam, the 3D Mesh is not subject to compression caused by the pressure. This means, at any depth the 3D Mesh is similarly soft and does not have positive buoyancy. Therefore, you do not need extra weight to descend.

Double-part weight pockets
In this set, we applied double-part weight pockets in which the weight is placed in a special inner holder.

Such pockets have the following advantages: the risk of unpredictable loss of weight is much lower than with standard pockets, and the weight is easier to carry around. While getting onto the boat you can take it out safely and pass it to the crew.

Take it out of the box and you can dive The beginner or recreational divers are often reluctant to buy the wing because they worry they will not be able to manage the configuration.

When you order the ZEOS model as a set, you receive a fully assembled and configured equipment. Just as if you bought a jacket.

You only need to fasten the cylinder and the regulator and you can go into the water.

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