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At TRC Knives, we handcraft tough and awe-inspiring multifunctional knives, so that men can enjoy the rough pleasures of nature, and undertake any challenge the outdoors may present them with. Our “Tales of Men” collection of knives was inspired by the great men of history who elevated the concept of manhood to a whole new level. Each knife tells a different story of manhood and honor. Therefore, every TRC knife is not just a badass multi-purpose knife, but also an empowering talisman. Check out the “Tales of Men” collection.

TRC Knives was founded in 2010 by Andrius Tricius, a knife devotee from Lithuania. Employing extensive knowledge of metallurgy, ergonomics and design, Tricius and his team experiment relentlessly to come up with hardcore one-of-a-kind knife models. Only the highest quality materials are used at TRC Knives, such as the M390, Elmax, Vanadis 4 Extra. The range of products includes knives for bushcraft, hunting, tactical operations, apocalyptic survival, and every-day-carry.

“After developing a new knife prototype, I take it to bed and sleep holding the knife in my hand. I wake up in the morning knowing exactly what needs to be changed to improve on the prototype" - Andrius Tricius