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Spare Air Standard 300

RM 1,490.00

Spare Air Standard 300


  • Free Yoke Refill Adapter included!
  • Free Safety Leash (Prevents Accidental Loss) included!
  • Free Deluxe Holster included!


Spare Air Bottle


Designed to get you to the surface in the event of an emergency, yet small enough to not even know you are wearing it! DONT GO DOWN WITHOUT IT!!

Package Includes: 



-LEASH-Prevents loss

The preferred choice of Recreational Divers 

·3.0 cubic feet of air 

·Tank finish in Neon Yellow for safety 

·Easily refills from your own SCUBA tank with included refill adapter 

·Easily attaches to your BC with included holster and safety leash 

·Small, hands-free, nearly neutrally buoyant 

·Breathe on demand regulator -No complicated instructions 

·Completely redundant back-up miniature SCUBA system 

Faster than buddy breathing and easier than an octopus.


Maximum Capacity 3.0 cu ft / 85 litres

Length 13.4' / 34 cm

Diameter 2.25' / 5.71 cm

Maximum Pressure 3000 psi / 200 bar

Weight (full) 2.17 lb. / .985 kg

Surface Breaths* 57

Water Volume 26.62 cu in / .42 liters

*Based on 1.6 liters per breath 


Regulator Body - The simple rugged design utilizes the same time proven technology found in typical regulators used by SCUBA Divers around the world.

The always-on, breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator is easy to maintain and service.

Pressure Indicator - The standard indicator is easy to read by the White Indicator Pin rising up when the Spare Air has filled to 3000psi.

A Dial Gauge Pressure Indicator is available as an optional accessory.

Purge Button - Clears the regulator and empties the Air Tank.

Mouthpiece - Standard regulator mouthpiece carried by SCUBA Diving Shops everywhere and is the same model used on most regulators.

Check Valve - Remove the cover and attach the yoke style Refill Adapter (included with every Spare Air). Attach the other end to a filled SCUBA tank and in 30-60 seconds, your Spare Air is full.

option to buy 

Spare-Air Screw-In Dial Pressure Gauge Features
Spare-Air Screw-In Dial Pressure Gauge
Takes Place of Existing Pressure Pin Indicator
No Special Tools Required for Installation
Simply Unscrew Pressure Pin Indicator, Screw-In Dial Gauge
Gives More Accurate Readings
Green-Go, Red No-Go At-a-Glance Reading
200 psi Increments
Durable Brass Construction

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