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Scubapro Galileo 2 (G2) with FREE Transmitter

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Scubapro  G2 with free Transmitter

Scubapro  G2 including Transmitter goes where no computer has gone so far  beyond all limits of diving. Suitable for any diver and any Dive Scubapro G2 including  Transmitter  is a complete package with wireless air integration and a heart rate belt so you can see exactly how long your gas will last and your computer knows how hard you're working to adjust your algorithm and tailor your dive profile so you are as safe as possible while staying down as long as possible. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery and customisable screen mean you can use the G2 for your whole dive career and caters to every level of diver.

Customise your Scubapro G2 with free Transmitter 

The colours on the screen and the layout of the dive screen are customisable. Choose your Colour Scheme to one that suits you, each colour has a meaning behind it so if everything is green then everything is fine, if one section turns to yellow you need to pay attention and red means you need to do something. You can also choose your Screen Layout from an ultra simple screen with four basic pieces of information to full, where everything is displayed and even a graphical screen so you can see your dive profile whilst in the water.

Connect your scubapro G2 with free Transmitter 

Download your dive data and recharge your computer by connecting it to the USB cable. The Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery has a 50hr burn time before it needs recharging and clever battery saver systems inside the G2 mean you don't have to recharge as often as other computers. The G2 also has Bluetooth built in to wirelessly download dive data to your smartphone or tablet with Scubapro's app. With a Wireless Air Transmitter fitted to your regulator your G2 will work out your breathing rates as well as how long your gas will last so you can better know when to ascend and adjust your dive profile. Instead of looking at different gauges now you can see where you are, how long you can stay there and how much gas you have left. The wireless Heart Rate Monitor brings your body into the decompression algorithm in Scubapro's Human Factor Diving. Most algorithms can't take your workload or skin temperature into account so they tend to be more conservative. Scubapro's heart rate monitor tells the computer how hard you are working and how cold you are to tailor your decompression algorithm to you and every dive so you are safer and can often stay down for longer.

Scubapro G2 including Transmitter

The G2 is ready for all types of diving from apnea/freediving to trimix and rebreather diving. While the G2 comes with a traditional elastomer strap you can also fit a bungee strap if you want to. 

Technical specifications

Measures:60 x 72mm
Body:Fibreglass-reinforced thermoplastic
Screen Size:5.6cm
Strap:Elastomer Strap / Bungee Mount / Retractor Clip
Screen:TFT Full Colour LCD
Algorithm:ZHL-16 ADT MB PMG
Memory:485MB : 1000 pictures / maps / waypoints Plus 1000 hours of Dive Profiles
Compass:Upgraded full-tilt digital compass with bearing memory
Mixes:8 Nitrox / Trimix
Battery:Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery - approx 50hrs run time
Max Depth:120m

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