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Scubapro D Mask for scuba diving

RM 590.00 RM 649.00

Sharing the design scheme of the newD-Series D420 regulator, the new D-Mask is asleek, premium mask well-suited for all typesof diving. It is equipped with UV+400cut™lenses that filter out high-energy visible (HEV)light as well as UV light without affectinghow colors appear under water. It is alsothe only premium mask that features aninterchangeable lens system for optionaloptical lenses. The D-Mask is available inblack with blue accents to match the D420regulator's color scheme. It comes with achoice of black or clear skirts in two sizes:Medium for the western market and Small tofit divers with smaller face shapes. For theAsian market it is available in one size with ablack skirt only. Also included is a new blackon-black Comfort Strap and an adapter formounting a HUD hands-free dive computer.

Technical Information

• Sleek design matches the newD420 regulator.

• UV+400cut™ lens technologyfilters out HEV and UV light withoutaffecting how colors appear.

• Interchangeable lens systemmakes it easy to install optionaloptical lenses.

• Available with a choice of skirtsto suit western or Asian divemarkets as well as divers withsmall face shapes.

• Rotating buckles work witha new black-on-black ComfortStrap to optimize range of motionand achieve a comfortable,watertight fit.

• Includes an adapter for mountinga HUD hands-free divecomputer.

• Packaged in a durable moldedfabric transport box.

• Optional lenses available: Opticallenses (6x positive +1.5 to+4.0/8x negative -1.5 to -5.0);Bi-Focuslenses (3x positive +1.0 to +3.0).

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