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Mares XR Set 25X DR Full Tek

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Mares XR Set 25X DR Full Tek

The Mares XR DR 25X Regulator is a pair of regulators for a DIR twin setup with a heavy duty metal 2nd stage for outstanding performance for serious deep and cold diving. Left and Right handed 1st stages route your hoses neatly leaving plenty of space to reach your valves and each 2nd stage has VAD inlet for a smooth breathe.
25X 1st Stage
Each 1st stage only has ports on one side and they are virtually mirror images of one-another so all of your hoses route down wards to prevent hose damage or snagging while leaving your valves free for access.
Each HP port is angled so your hose routes more naturally down around the shoulders of your cylinder.
DR 2nd Stage
The metal body of the DR 2nd stage is incredibly tough for wear and tear and drastically improved the cold water performance by acting as a heat-sync to reduce the chances of freezing.
The inlet of gas runs through an external bypass tube that directs the airflow better to you while creating a vortex that creates a low pressure area in the centre of the 2nd stage keeping the diaphragm down during inhalation for sensitive and easy breathing.


  • 1st Stage : Nickel and chrome plated brass
  • 2nd Stage : Standard downstream valve
  • Flow Rate (STp) : 620 l/min
  • 2nd Stage Weight (without hose) : 269 g / 9.6 oz
  • Hose length : 56cm / 22 inches & 210cm / 7ft

This set includes:

  • 2 Cr Second Stages
  • 2 25Xr first Stages
  • 2 Hoses (56 cm - 210 cm)
  • 1 Neck Bungee
  • 1 Dead Bolt Snap

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