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Gull Mantis LV Mask

RM 591.00

Mantis LV Mask has a traditional form and superb function as high-end mask. The silhouette of Mantis LV Mask deeply percolates through diver’s consciousness.


Low Volume : Usual low volume mask does not always fit diver’s face, but Mantis LV Mask is able to fit various diver’s face just like Mantis Mask.

Inner vol. 110 cc; weight 220 g

Retaining the same great Mantis fit, we have reduced the mask volume.

(about 34% less than previous model)

Glass : The glass can reduce 80 percent of ultra violet. A ray which is harmful for eyes. Amber film is stuck on the glass surface, so that the diver can see underwater shade in original color.

Skirt :  The lip’s edge slight curls outwards, so that the mask enables mask lip to touch face softly and to seal face firml. DRAINING SKIRT makes clearing water easier and it prevents water from remaining in the mask. Soft damping function of the skirt reduces stress which usual low mask’s frame touches cheekbones by mask squeeze. Synergistic effect of both 10 degree of the mask’s slant angle and the glass shape increases downward view.

Integrated with skirt,
strap with curl lip

With an integrated strap pulling directly from the skirt and a curl lip holding the mask against your face, you enjoy a gentle but effective seal. And the mask is less likely to leave impressions on your skin.

Excellent Ultraviolet Protection

The newly adopted UV400 Cut lens offers an outstanding rate of ultraviolet protection, blocking 98% or more of the ultraviolet radiation that is considered to affect the eyes and skin (UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C wavelengths). This high-performance lens can let you enjoy diving in even greater comfort.

Soft damper

Due to pressure squeeze and other causes, the frames of masks that provide improved downward field of view usually tend to exert more pressure on the cheekbones. The soft damper relieves this stress.

Drain skirt

The drain skirt is designed to improve water expulsion during mask clearance and to prevent water from pooling.

DX spec mask buckle
enables one-handed release

Using the release button, even wearing thick gloves, you can easily release the mask one handed. While diving, it’s simple to adjust the mask using the easy- grip strap ends and slip-rotor system. You also get a finer degree of adjustment.

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