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Cressi Pack XS Compact AC2 Yoke regulator ( octopus included )

RM 1,790.00

Cressi Pack XS Compact AC2 yoke

New ultra simplified second stage in ABS + elastomer monocoque, very small (6cms diameter), very light (145 grams) and building a mechanism studied to obtain the minimum number of components and a robust size. It is a choice of smart buy for its combination performance - reliability - price - cost of maintenance, suitable for applications requiring maximum reliability and also as a regulator of travel given its lightness conjoined with the 1st stage MC5, for diving centers or as a regulator working with the AC2 and as a set of high-end with MC9.

The specific mechanism calibrated inhalation personality changes slightly air delivery regarding the Ellipse series, to reward above the exquisite tact and sensitivity of these models, a generous flow without exploiting the Venturi effect. This feature gives it a little tendency to continuous flow in surface or during placement of equipment in the water, ideal for schools and rent, octopus and double slider. The results of performance place it nevertheless considered above regulators higher end.

Drilling of asymmetric front cover. The water flow starts pushing the membrane in anti clockwise for retraction produces perfectly flat and the cam down progressively and perfect perpendicular, whatever the conditions (current, sudden movements, anywhere on the face, etc. .).

Particularly exhalation effort reduced without reducing the thickness of the membrane. The design of the restraint of the membrane directs the flow 100% channeled to the nozzles of the mustache benefit from a powerful Venturi effect also works to steer bubbles away from the divers field of view. Embedded membrane to prevent leakage of water in case of sharp turns or jumping from the boat into the water.

Purge button, virtually complete, most between 80 and 400% compared to any other market regulator to facilitate purge maneuver, especially in inexperienced divers.

System assembly bayonet cap by turning 30 °, ensures a safe assembly-disassembly simple yet even to perform tasks of cleaning sand on the beach and without tools.

Aging reduced by the finish of the case, the result of applying the mold a new technology that achieves a nuanced based on an aspect rounded profiles microtexture use.


Single-piston 1st stage to a ´mule´ economic work, simple, reliable and robust suitable for intensive utlización. It is a first step applauded by diving centers and companies work professionals consider it a very cost effective tool for its low cost and virtually no maintenance and also a surprising level of performance.

Conical filter with filtering capacity, essential to prevent the ingress of particles from the bottles. This is particularly important in regulating school or rent.

2100 supplied air flow L / min with a fall in intensive breathing intermediate pressure (150 bar) 0.5 to 0.8 bar (measurements taken for LP output with the second stage connected and 150 bar pressure. In the bottle).

Key external regulation by Alyco LP, greatly facilitates the management and maintenance reviews technical services.

1 outputs High Pressure (HP) 7/16 ´and 4 outputs low pressure (LP) 3/8´

Complete Maintenance Kit 100%. including prudential and low cost spare parts.

Weight: Q: 615g / 480g DIN

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