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 TRAVEL ONE COLOUR is the standard model realized in solid tint in 6 different colours. With exception for the harness, which comes black, all other parts of the jacket (bag, plate protection padding, inflator holder) are in solid tint accordingly to the chosen colour.

T.M.S. (TECHNICAL MODULAR SYSTEM) T.M.S. is the technical modular system AUDAXPRO granting to jacket user several possibilities of combinations. The jacket is assembled in a standard configuration that can be modified and customized by the user. The system involves the opportunity to change, according to present physical configuration and diving needs, some features of the jacket, resulting in the implementation of a custom configuration. What makes T.M.S. so surprising is the fact that each single part composing any models of AUDAXPRO jackets is totally compatible with all other models. In addition, such system can be enriched by a wide series of accessories, assisting in improving performances during diving. One of the most surprising and extraordinary features of the AUDAXPRO T.M.S. is its one-size-only configuration, which through a system of easy regulations allows adapting the jacket to any body size.

HARNESS The pre-formed harness is entirely realized in polyester and pre-stressed expansion of 2,5 mm. The shoulder straps are fastened and unfastened by 2 nylon fasteners of 40 mm. and they are equipped with 2 nylon D-rings, 40 mm. each, which are sewn and therefore not adjustable. The pectoral band is sewn onto the harness and therefore not adjustable. In the part adjacent the bag there is a HT polyester band vertically positioned in the centre of the harness where, in its upper part, a stainless steel loop is fixed, used as centre of gravity. On the right and left hand sides of the central band there are 2 additional straps separated by seams. These are useful to make the back band and the Velcro strap securing the bottle pass through the 4 cuts of the bag and the harness loops. On the bands there is a rubber grip used as antiskid aid for the bottle. In the event of need, it is possible to replace the ventral belt with 2 nylon rectangular rings, 50 mm. each, positioned in the lower part of the harness at the same height of the ventral part. 2 nylon D-rings, 25 mm. each, and 2 nylon D-rings, 40 mm., are fitted to secure accessories. The harness also has a HT polyester handle, useful for the transportation of the jacket in the water and onboard. There is an anatomic plate protection padding, which is sewn to the harness. A rectangular nylon ring, 50 mm., placed in the lower centre of the harness is used to secure the inguinal belt, which can be adjusted through a nylon buckle, 50 mm. A nylon fastener allows the fastening of the ventral belt.

AIR BAG The outer bag, realized in polyester is available with 15 lt. of thrust. The inner bag, on the contrary, is realized in nylon TEXTANE A/B 210. In case of need, it is possible to replace the inner bag through the zipper placed in the upper part of the bag. There are 2 overpressure and rapid discharge valves. The bag does not have a textile central portion, but there are 2 rectangular nylon rings, 50 mm. (1 on each side), used to secure the bag to the harness. The fixing is secured by 1 back band and a Velcro strap of 25 mm., used also for securing the bottle. 4 additional rectangular nylon rings, 50 mm. (2 on each side), positioned at ventral height, are used to fix the bag to the harness also by the mean of the ventral belt. Also, the harness and the bag are secured by a stainless steel screw. In order to have the harness and the bag secured by the screw, this one shall pass through both the bag and the harness loop, located in their upper part. The side bands of the bag are equipped with 6 eyelets (3 on each side) for connecting and fastening the latex rings.

INFLATOR The inflator has a discharge valve and metal blocking cable. The standard length is 50 cm. The command is with inner valve. The inflation button is in nickel brass and the deflation one is in nylon.

POCKETS The pockets are horizontal (6,5x20x14 cm.) and realized in HT polyamide with a load capacity of 5 kg. Each pocket has only an opening at the top. The access is allowed through a zipper. The pocket can be used as weight holder and objects container. The fixing of the pocket to the harness is made still more secure by a stainless steel screw passing through a stainless steel loop placed on the back of the pocket. At request and with a surcharge, it is possible to choose if assembly also other models of pockets of our production.


- Pre-formed harness realized in polyester and pre stressed expansion 2,5 mm.
- Outer protective bag realized in polyester
- 6 3x8 latex elastics for the adjustment
- Inner bag realized in nylon TEXTANE A/B 210
- Elastic ventral belt
- Anatomic shoulder straps adjustable while wearing the jacket
- Elastic inguinal belt
- Pectoral band adjustable while wearing the jacket
- 1 polyester plate protection padding
- 1 polyester inflator holder
- 12 nylon D-rings
- 1 stainless steel fixing screw
- 4 stainless steel eyelets
- 1 back bands to secure bottle
- 1 25 mm. Velcro strap for securing the bottle
- 1 rubber grip
- Inflator with drain valve and a blocking metal cable
- Command with inner valve. The inflation button is in nickel brass and the deflation one is in nylon
- 2 horizontal weight/objects holding pockets (6,5x20x14 cm.) (capacity of 5 kg. each pocket)
- 2 overpressure and rapid discharge valves
- Available in 2 sizes: one size A (M-L-XL) and one size B (M-S-XS)
- Totally modular (T.M.S.)
- Available thrusts: 15 lt.            
- 6 available colours: red, yellow, blue, black, white





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