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AquaLung Titan Regulator Set with octopus gauge and regulator bag

RM 1,990.00 RM 2,990.00

Aqua Lung Pack TITAN 

The third-generation Titan regulator incorporates new features while retaining its excellent price/performance ratio. Like its predecessors, this new version of the Titan regulator combines lightness, robustness, resistance and breathing comfort, but offers a brand new design. It offers excellent performance and easy maintenance at an affordable price.

1st Stage Regulator

  • The compensated diaphragm mechanism facilitates breathing and provides consistent performance while protecting internal moving parts from the outside environment.
  • Its T-design is compact and allows for optimal hose organization.
  • Its unique forged body contains less brass. It is therefore more compact and lighter than other regulators.
  • Its outer polyurethane coating protects metal parts from shocks.
  • The MP and HP outputs are perfectly positioned for simplified hose positioning.
  • The caliper screw is perforated to avoid water retention in the steering wheel.

2nd Stage Regulator

  • The unique Comfo-Bite tip with patented jaw reduces maxillary fatigue.
  • A removable and reusable clip allows an easy and quick replacement of the nozzle.
  • Thanks to a reduced number of parts and easy access to the exhalation valve by means of a clipped deflector, maintenance is simple.
  • The in-line adjustment knob of the Venturi effect makes it possible to make efficient and progressive adjustments thanks to an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle even with gloves.
  • The overpressure button is designed in polyurethane for excellent resistance to abrasion and tearing, as well as protection against shocks, easy water evacuation and reduced inspiratory effort. Side openings prevent continuous flow when the user swims against the current or uses an underwater scooter.
  • The use of reinforced polycarbonate in the manufacture of the second stage gives it a better resistance.
  • The baffle breaks the bubbles to reduce noise and protect the valve during exhalation.

Aqua Lung Metal AL 50 300 bars Pressure Gauge is an underwater pressure gauge with a metal casing that goes from 0 to 300 bars and is very legible. 

  • 300 Bares Air 
  • HP pressure gauge AL50
  • Luminous, easy-to-read analog dials
  • Reliable and accurate open bourdon tube mechanism

item in package 

1st stage and 2nd stage titan 

Aqua lung octopus 

single gauge aqua lung 

Aqua lung regulator bag explorer 

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