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Tecline R2 Tec2 Sidemount Extreme Set

RM 5,190.00

Complete set for sidemount. The set includes:

  • 2 R2 Ice first stages with swivel turret. 5 LP ports + 2 HP ports.
  • 2 R2 Tec second stages
  • 2 Proflex regulator hoses LP 65cm
  • 2 x HP hoses 20cm
  • 2 x inflator hoses 20cm
  • 2 x Tecline SPG
  • 1 SS bolt snap
  • Bungee 4mm for necklace
  • 1 Tecline regulator bag

The regulator TecLine “R2 TEC2 Side Mount" has excellent specifications, performing well in both laboratory testing and real world diving conditions. The regulators TecLine “R2 TEC2 Side Mount" first stage regulator features a balanced diaphragm design with a dry chamber to seal the working diaphragm and prevent freezing in cold conditions. This environmental protection is also preferred for diving in heavily silted water.

The first stage is made from maritime brass with a high quality frosted chrome finish.

The rotating turret allows for flexible hose routing and this design offers some movement when routing hoses down each side of the Side Mount wing. This design is also popular for stage tanks for technical diving as hoses can be stored neatly along the side of the tank and deployed, when needed, to their maximum length. A 5th axial LP port is already fitted to the turret.

The regulators TecLine “R2 TEC2 Side Mount" second stage regulator is a down-stream demand regulator with both Venture flow and breathing resistance adjustments. A heat exchanger improves operation in cold water by reducing the risk of icing.

The second stage has a breathing resistance of approximately 1 J/L, which reduces breathing effort and helps minimize air consumption, it’s a level of performance that you expect from a world-class regulator.

The regulators TecLine “R2 TEC2 Side Mount" are CE certified and tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 250.  They also undergo extensive trials in punishing environmental conditions from icy Polish lakes to caves and (not so punishing) tropical waters.

After assembly and tuning, all regulators are tested by two independent technicians, to ensure that they meet TecLines exacting standards for performance and quality. The regulators TecLine “R2 TEC2 Side Mount" is suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40 (O2-40%).

Overall the regulators TecLine “R2 TEC2 Side Mount"offers excellent levels of performance and quality, an affordable price, and the benefits of a rotating turret first stage design.

The reversible  second stages in this set are connected with first stages from left and right side with short hoses.

I-st stage:
Additional dry chamber COLD KIT
Outputs: 4 LP, 2 HP
Maximum working pressure of 300 bar
High flow rate at 20 MPa pres : 3823 l / min
Interstage pressure of 9.0 bar
Material: maritime brass, chrome
Can be used with nitrox up to 40 %.
Breathing resistance 0,983-1,004 J / L
Complies with EN 250A - CE1463
Weight: 781 g

II-st stage: 
Pneumatically balanced
Venturi effect adjustment
Breathing resistance adjustment knob
DFS: direct flow system
Body made of materials resistant for big temperature changes
Outer ring stainless steel
Teflon coating of metal parts against freezing
Additional heat exchanger for cold waters
Ergonomic mouthpiece
Weight: 260g

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