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Cressi Digi 2 Digital Console.

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We entrust one of the most important data related to our safety, if not the most important, that of the air pressure of the bottle, to an extremely simple and not very precise instrument, the analog manometer, a copper spiral through which a hole detects the pressure and offers the reading in a sphere moving the needle.

With DIGI 2 Cressi proposes a high precision instrument that also provides other data of constant interest to the diver. All this with a very contained size and cost.


  •     Minimized size: box of 60 x 50 mm
  •     Impact-resistant ABS housing with thermoplastic rubber cover with integrated fixing ring
  •     Rectangular screen 45 x 27 mm luminescent with Bumpon protector against impacts and scratches.
  •     Large digits (10 x 5 mm main data) with segments separated by distribution lines
  •     Post-production battery saving system by means of magnet.
  • The intelligent box (patented) can be used to keep the DIGI 2 in latent energy saving mode and perform tasks such as changing units of measurement.
  •     Replacement of the battery by the user without the need for tools.
  • After changing the battery, DIGI 2 carries out a pressurisation self-test (patented) to ensure that it has been carried out correctly. Battery cover specifically designed to prevent incidents with two fastening clips and to provide easily replaceable parts (O-ring).
  •     Completely modular construction that allows, when the time comes, its repair
  •     Automatic switch-on when pressure is detected


Data supplied:

  •     Tank pressure with 3 digits (accuracy of 0.1 bar) between 0 and 340 bar
  •     Current depth with 1 decimal place
  •     Maximum depth of the current dive
  •     Maximum depth of the previous dive (when cylinder pressure is detected)
  •     Dive time
  •     Temperature
  •     Datum: Remaining time to reach reserve pressure (50 bar). Updated every 1 second according to the breathing rhythm of the moment.
  • Great autonomy: up to 700 dives in a year.


- Automatic activation with connection to the tank

- High contrast display

- Depth indicator 0-120 meters

- Tank pressure indicator 0-300 bar

- Water temperature indicator -10/+50 °C

- Residual gas autonomy in minutes indicator

- Gas reserve below 50 bar indicator

- Maximum depth of the last dive

- Autonomy up to 1000 hours in immersion

- Low battery indicator

- Self-diagnosis for battery change (patented)

- Dedicated smartbox that allows you to interact (patented)

- User-replaceable silicone protective shell

- Dimensions: 9.9 x 5.2 x 2.8 cm

- Weight: 122 gr

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