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Hollis BCD solo / elite 2 / HTS 2

RM 2,570.00 RM 3,290.00

Hollis Solo Harness System (Hogarthian-Style)

 CLEAN and SIMPLE The Hollis Solo Harness System is designed to meet all the needs of Demanding Technical Divers; the Solo Harness System is Clean, Simple, and Foolproof! The Solo’s Streamlined Design Enhances Comfort with Less Drag.The Solo Harness uses a single piece of two-inch webbing to make up this simple diving harness. By using a single piece of webbing the risk of component failure is all but eliminated as there are no quick-release buckles that could break or be accidentally undone.The Hollis Solo includes the webbing, four pre-bent and three standard stainless steel D-rings, two shoulder pads, stainless steel tri-sliders, stainless steel buckle, rubber loops, and two-inch webbing crotch strap with standard stainless steel D-ring and tri-slider. The Solo Harness System weighs 16oz (450g).Designed to meet all the needs of demanding technical divers, the Hollis Solo Harness System is clean, simple, and foolproof!

Hollis HTS 2 Harness


The Hollis Gear (HTS) Harness Technical System can be easily-switched from a single tank soft pack to a dual tank back-plate system, the modular capabilities of the HTS may be personalized to your needs.


This streamlined modular harness system has a comfort back pad with lumbar support and stainless steel D-Rings on shoulders, waist and crotch strap for accessory attachment.


The unique modular design of the Hollis HTS allows you to customize the BC System to suit your style of diving, comes with cam bands and crotch strap – add accessories as you need to. The Harness System weighs 8lbs (3.6kg).


Hollis S25 LX Wing


The Hollis S25 LX is the smallest donut style wing by Hollis which offers 25lbs (111N) of lift.

Fully inflated the wing measures approximately 39cm across the top, 34cm across at the bottom, 61cm top to bottom, and 11cm thick (front to back).

The internal retraction loop does a great job of drawing all excess material back in towards the center of the wing, helping to reduce drag and keep everything as streamlined as possible at all times.

The wing supports single tank use, without the need of an STA, and has built-in cam band slots.

Hollis S38 LX Wing (38 lb Lift Capacity)


 Welded flange and one piece retainer for servicing without the need for tools
 Outer shell constructed of HD Laminated 1680D Cordura
 420 nylon internal bladder
 Centrally located elbow to avoid tank valve/regulator interference
 Lower left pull relief valve
 Cam band slots

Materials include a 1680D Cordura for the exterior bladder and 420 nylon for the internal bladder. The LX design also includes a 360 degree internal retraction system. This has been added to match the design of the wing, allowing for a streamlined rig at all times.

1 ) Hollis Solo System  @ 2570

      Set Consists of:-  Hollis Solo Harness System

                               -  Hollis S25LX OR S38LX Wing

                               -  Aluminum Backplate

                               -  Hollis BackPad with Bookscrews

                               -  Delrin Camband (pair)

                               -  Wingnut with Bolts (pair)

                               -  Adjustment Slider (pair) 

2) Hollis Elite 2 System @ Rm 2670

       Set Consists of:-  Hollis Elite 2 Harness System

                                -  Hollis S25LX OR S38LX Wing

                                -  Aluminum Backplate

                                -  Hollis BackPad with Bookscrews

                                -  Delrin Camband (pair)

                                -  Wingnut with Bolts (pair)


3) Hollis HTS 2 System @  RM2770

      Set Consists of:-  Hollis HTS 2 Harness System

                               -  Hollis S25LX OR S38LX Wing

                               -  Bookscrew (pair)

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