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The  is a streamlined back-flotation BCD that enables you to enjoy total freedom when cruising the depths. As comfortable as can be, a contoured hard pack and single-band Super Cinch tank buckle let you lock the tank down solid, creating a very stable ride. Features include outstanding buoyant lift, lots of stainless steel D-rings for clipping on gear and a quick-ditch integrated weight system. You also get a pair of large zippered cargo pockets for carrying accessories, something you don't often see on BCDs of this design. Well-suited for cold or temperate water diving as well as the tropics, back-flotation divers who want freedom of movement, lots of buoyant lift, plus ample gear storage, will find the SEAHAWK the perfect choice.


  • Positioning the air cell behind you creates exceptional freedom of movement while reducing bulk. This decreases drag, making finning through the water column that much easier.

  • Constructed of 1000 denier nylon and 420 denier nylon for maximum durability.

  • Ergonomic harness incorporates anatomically shaped components to even out the load distribution.

  • Contoured hard pack and single-band Super Cinch buckle let you securely lock down the tank.

  • Rotating quick-release shoulder buckles allow you to optimize the routing of your shoulder straps to maximize fit.

  • Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad enhance comfort during long dives.

  • Padded cummerbund compensates for suit compression, maintaining a snug fit at varying depths.

  • Quick-release integrated weight pouches secure with low-profile buckles.

  • Two rear trim pouches help create a comfortable swimming position.

  • Two large zippered pockets with knife attachment grommets provide lots of cargo-carrying capability.

  • Four large pre-bent stainless steel D-rings, along with two smaller stainless D-rings, provide lots of clip-on points for additional gear.

  • BC comes equipped with a Balanced Power Inflator 

Technical specifications

BCD Type
Lift Capacity
54 lbs
Lift Capacity
24.4 kg
Lift Capacity
Weight Integrated
Number of Pockets
Number of D-Rings
7.89255 lb | 3.58 kg
Back Trim Pockets
Pocket Type
Zippered Closure

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